Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Songs for The Who to sing at the Super Bowl

run, run, run
leaving here
don't look away
doctor, doctor
in the city
man with the money
i can throw for miles
i can't reach you
eli manning with the shakey hand
someone's coming
magic toss
eyesight to the blind
there's a doctor
i'm free
we're not gonna take it
trying to get through
the seeker
going mobile
time is passing
let's see action
put the money down
slipped, kid
in a hand or a face
tackled from the waist
player must change
you're better ? i'll bet
don't let go the coach
how can you do it alone ?
daily records
another tricky day
eminence front
one at a time
it's your turn
why did i fall for that?
twist and shout
keep me turning
rough boys
i am an animal
gonna get ya
stop hurting people
give blood
hiding out
i want that thing
i am afraid
a man in a purple jersey
we got a hit
they made my dream come true

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