Thursday, July 9, 2009

33 1/3 Books We'd Like To See

A few weeks ago, the webite for the "33 1/3" book series had a contest to "make your own hypothetical 33 1/3 cover" . . .I was too busy to make the deadline, but here was a list of possibilites that I thought of (Yes, some are tasteless, and even more are obscure but that seemed to be the point) . . .So, better late than never, here you go . .

The Band/Stage Freight by Carly Simon
Beach Boys/Pet Sounds by Eric Burdon
Beach Boys/Smile by Charlie Chaplin
The Beatles/Please Please Me by Pete Best
The Beatles/Let It Be . . . Naked by Phil Spector
Jeff Beck/Blow By Blow by Howard Cosell
David Bowie/Station To Station by David Letterman
David Bowie/Low by Nick Lowe
The Byrds/Younger Than Yesterday by Benjamin Button
Johnny Cash/At San Quentin by Merle Haggard
The Clash/Give 'Em Enough Rope by Ian Curtis
Phil Collins/Hello, I Must Be Going by Groucho Marx
Elvis Costello/Kojak Variety by Telly Sevalas
Bob Dylan/Blood On The Tracks by Jakob Dylan
Bob Dylan/John Wesley Harding by John Wesley Harding
Bob Dylan/Unplugged by Pete Seeger
Bob Dylan/"Love & Theft"by Junichi Saga
Bob Dylan and The Band/The Basement Tapes by Joe The Plumber
Bob Dylan/30th Anniversary Celebration by Sinead O'Connor
ELO/Essential by Randy Newman
John Fogerty/Centerfield by Saul Zaentz
Grateful Dead/American Beauty by Kevin Spacey
George Harrison/Wonderwall Music by Noel Gallagher
George Harrison/Living In The Material World by Madonna
George Harrison/Brainwashed by Patty Hearst
Jimi Hendrix Experience/Are You Experienced? by Susan Boyle
Robyn Hitchcock/Ole Tarantula by Bob Dylan
Robyn Hitchcock/Gotta Let This Hen Out by Terry Edwards
Robyn Hitchcock/Eye by Sammy Davis, Jr.
Hot Tuna/Burgers by Ronald McDonald
Elton John/Goodbye Yellow Brick Road by Buddy Ebsen
The Kinks/A Soap Opera by Mick Fleetwood
The Kinks/Face To Face by Stu Kimball
The Kinks/Percy by Robyn Hitchcock (or Robert Plant)
Led Zeppelin/Led Zeppelin I by Jeff Beck
Led Zeppelin/Led Zeppelin II by Willie Dixon
Willie Nelson/Red Headed Stranger by Danny Bonaduce
Harry Nilsson/Pussycats by Garfield
Roy Orbison/Black and White Night by David Lynch
Tom Petty/Damn The Torpedoes by Dave Farragut
Pink Floyd/Piper at the Gates of Dawn by Deborah Harry *
Pink Floyd/Wish You Were Here by Syd Barrett
Elvis Presley/Moody Blue by Denny Laine
Queen/A Night At The Opera by Harpo Marx
Queen/A Day At The Races by Chico Marx
Rolling Stones/Sticky Fingers by Bernie Madoff
Rolling Stones/Let It Bleed by G.G. Allin
The Rutles/Tragical History Tour by George Martin
Paul Simon/Hearts and Bones by Art Garfunkel
Harry Smith's Anthology of American Folk Music by Bob Dylan
Soft Boys/Underwater Moonlight by Jacques Cousteau
Bruce Springsteen/The River by Joaquin Phoenix
Bruce Springsteen/Ghost Of Tom Joad by John Steinbeck
Rod Stewart/Every Picture Tells A Story by Annie Leibovitz
Talking Heads/More Songs About Buildings and Food by Francis Ford Coppola
Talking Heads/Fear Of Music by Syd Barrett
U2/Boy by Michael Jackson
Velvet Underground/Loaded by Paul Westerberg
Rick Wakeman/Six Wives Of Henry VIII by Larry King
Wallflowers/Bringing Down The Horse by Neil Young
White Stripes/de Stijl by Stuart Sutcliffe
The Who/Face Dances by Jim Carey
The Who/My Generation by Paul Weller
The Who/Quadrophenia by Edward Vedder
The Who/Sell Out by David Caruso
Wings/Venus and Mars by John Gray
Neil Young/On The Beach by Brian Wilson
Neil Young/After The Gold Rush by Charlie Chaplin
Neil Young/Rust Never Sleeps by Mark Mothersbough
Neil Young/Sleeps With Angles by Kurt Cobain

* Think of Deborah Harry's pre-Blondie band